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21-Oct-2017 13:28

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He also said this: Now, one way to read this is: Kanye, like a lot of us, gets that this country doesn’t understand us, and refuses to even Google it.

Kanye, like a lot us, gets that this country doesn’t like us all that much. The racist traumas in America are rampant, and the effects are wide-ranging.

” Me, while wearing something that probably makes me look fat.“WHY CAN’T I BE AMY POEHLER OR LISA FRANK, IS SHE DEAD?

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Trump’s President-Elect now, and it’s revealed to the world what kind of racist pieces of trash ya’ll really are. I’m never going to acknowledge the Mughal/Muslim takeover of the Indian subcontinent which took us from this to this.We will throw this excuse at your face till we are satisfied you feel like the racist garbage we all know you are deep down.

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